Five Tips to Keep Your Remote Employees Healthy

A healthy remote employee works from her home office.

Employee health initiatives are important for every organization. Healthy employees are productive employees, after all, but remote work comes with its own health concerns. Below, are five ways things remote employers can do to foster a healthy remote workforce. 

1. Emphasize Sleep

Many remote employees struggle to “leave the office.” Feeling like deadlines are always looming and emails are always unanswered, they may work weird hours and sacrifice sleep just to get ahead. Encourage your employees to prioritize sleep. This helpful guide gives employers tips and suggestions for helping employees prioritize a healthy sleep schedule. 

2. Encourage Movement

It can be easy for remote employees to sit at their computers for hours at a time.  Encourage your employees to get away from the computer and move around each hour for ten minutes or so. Many recent studies found that a lack of physical activity is worse than smoking and obesity. You may even offer incentives for employees who walk a certain amount during their breaks or participate in a set amount of exercise throughout the month.

3. Send Regular Health Tips

Give employees the resources and knowledge to stay healthy. One simple way you can do this is to send out healthy tips or ideas via the communication channels you use, from Slack to your company newsletter! 

4. Offer Health and Fitness Stipends

A monthly stipend for gym memberships, yoga sessions, or other fitness classes will help your employees stay fit and healthy. You may offer a certain amount of money each month to cover their fitness costs or ask them to turn in their receipts for reimbursement.

5. Allow Unlimited Time for Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Some employees don’t want to take time away from work for doctor or dentist appointments, so they simply don’t schedule them. To prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and stressed, offer unlimited time off for these health visits. 

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