The Vertical SaaS Trend No One is Talking About

Vertical SaaS professionals sit around a conference room discussing industry trends.

Embedded Hiring: The Vertical SaaS Trend Not Enough People Are Talking About 

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business solutions, trends come and go, capturing the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. 

Over the past year, some significant, heavily discussed Vertical SaaS heavily discussed trends included multiproduct aspirations, better integrations, AI-heavy features and functionalities, and value-oriented buying. A trend that not enough Vertical SaaS professionals and thought leaders are discussing is the revenue-generating impacts adding embedded hiring solutions to Vertical SaaS platforms can have.

What is Embedded Hiring? 

Embedded hiring involves integrating hiring and talent acquisition functionalities directly into the workflows of Vertical SaaS platforms. It’s the fusion of HR tech and vertical SaaS. Instead of relying on standalone applicant tracking systems or generic job boards, businesses can leverage embedded hiring solutions that seamlessly fit into their existing processes, optimizing the entire talent acquisition cycle.

The most popular embedded hiring solution is an applicant tracking system (ATS), hiring software built to strengthen, streamline, and automate the hiring process.

Vertical SaaS Platforms Can Quickly and Efficiently Take Advantage of Embedded Hiring 

While there are Vertical SaaS platforms that build recruiting from scratch, it’s time-consuming and expensive.

White or private labeling—which, full disclosure, we do here at HiringThing—is a way for Vertical SaaS vendors to quickly and efficiently take advantage of this trend while it’s still in high demand. These modalities let Vertical SaaS platforms add an ATS to their platform that another vendor has already created. 

White labeling is branding the ATS with your company's colors and logos, presenting it as a proprietary solution, and strengthening your brand. Private labeling takes this further, customizing the solution to fit your unique industry. 

Embedded Hiring Should Be the Next Big Vertical SaaS Trend Due to Its Revenue-Generating Potential 

Hiring has been the number one challenge to businesses across all industries for several years. Your customers need hiring support, especially in the Vertical SaaS industry, where niche industries often need specialized hiring solutions. 

Vertical SaaS platforms can offer specialized hiring for their industry and solve a top challenge by embedding hiring solutions into their platform. This helps attract new customers, keeps current customers on your platform longer (improved stickiness), and helps you expand into new markets, which drive revenue in highly impactful ways. 

We’ve seen tremendous success with Vertical SaaS providers who’ve private-labeled our ATS, so we created the report White Label Applicant Tracking System: A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation, which provides an in-depth look at how providers can leverage embedded hiring to grow their revenue and make their platform more competitive. 

About HiringThing 

HiringThing is a modern recruiting and employee onboarding platform as a service that creates seamless talent experiences. Our white label solutions and open API enable technology and service providers to offer hiring and onboarding to their clients. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

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