The Personal Touch in Hands-Off Recruiting

A woman smiles during a video interview with her future employer.

In an online world, applicants are seeking a connection with their next employer and co-workers. Meanwhile, recruiters and hiring managers increasingly take on more responsibilities, leaving less time for a personal touch. Striking a balance between human connection and an automated hiring process is possible! We’ll show you the way.

Using technology, you can create a positive candidate experience that keeps applicants engaged in the process, excited to work with you, and thinking highly about your brand. HCI reports that “60 percent of job seekers report a negative candidate experience with the employers they engage.” (HCI) The top causes include a lack of communication on where the applicant stands and overly complicated or lengthy application processes.

Taking the candidate experience into consideration puts you heads above other employers and gives them confidence that you value them as a person and a potential teammate. You can balance a speedy and thorough evaluation of your candidates to everyone’s benefit.

See Right Through It

Transparency and clear communication to your candidate is an easy way to make them feel valued by your organization. Many companies struggle in this area but there’s hope.

Try standardized but customized messaging templates that engage the candidates with your brand tone and a kind word even if you’re telling them they aren’t moving forward in the process.

If they move to an interview phase, take the back and forth out of scheduling. HiringThing’s Schedule Sync™ allows candidates to access the interviewer’s calendars in real-time to select an available time that works best for them.

Get the Full Picture

It can feel as though hiring virtually reduces your ability to get a good feel for the candidate. Embrace the right tools to not only evaluate your candidate’s professional skill set but get a sense of who they are as a person:

  • Applicant tagging and filtering
  • Automated messaging
  • Online assessment and testing software
  • One-way video interviewing

Tag & Filter

Starting at the application, use your applicant tracking system to build custom smart forms that allow you to automatically filter your candidates, bubbling the top talent to the top of your list. Gently remove the unqualified applicants with a “Thanks but no thanks” email without lifting a finger.

Testing & Reference Checks

Next, assess your candidates with meaningful and data-driven insights to bring clarity to the selection process. Online assessment and testing tools allow you to gather measured information about your candidate. Try SkillSurvey’s reference checks to request feedback without the tedious calls and note-taking.

Video Interviewing

Finally, get face-time without meeting with every candidate through asynchronous video interviews. With a service like Wedge, the candidate can record their answers to your interview questions on their own, bypassing the phone interview and giving you a window into their communication style.

Seal the Deal

Skip the tiresome paperwork and onboard with ease when you’re ready to make the offer. Use offer letter templates that auto-populate your candidate’s information and reduce manual entry errors. Similarly, send your unique onboarding documents to the candidate for a seamless transition from candidate to new hire!

“69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.” (SHRM)

Having snapped up amazing talent, enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your new team member!

About HiringThing

HiringThing is a modern recruiting platform as a service that creates seamless hiring experiences. Our private label applicant tracking system and open API enable technology and service providers to embed hiring capabilities from sourcing to onboarding. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere, to hire their dream team.

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