Recruitment Predictions for 2013

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Hiring Will Increase

Most data seems to support the economy and job growth increasing this year, but at a modest pace. The most recent unemployment figures out this week are encouraging, and seem to point in that direction. Unemployment claims are at their lowest since December 2007, which was the start of this seemingly endless recession. However, while jobless claims are improving, and companies are laying off fewer workers, they are not refilling their vacancies. A lot of economic uncertainly, plus increasing job automation, are causing these numbers to inch forward slowly. As the outlook improves, and the productivity curve reaches its maximum, companies will be compelled to increase their staff.

Affordable Healthcare Act

Like it or not, the new healthcare act is having an effect on smaller businesses. Until there is more certainty about the act and how it will be implemented and enforced, smaller organizations are taking a wait-and-see approach to add new hires. They will also need to see more consistent results from key economic indicators before taking the plunge.

Jobs in Demand

In the US and globally, the areas with the most potential for growth are Sales, Customer Service, IT, Engineering, and Production. China included the Research & Development sector within its biggest demands. The increase in production demand is particularly encouraging for an increase in workforce demand down the road.

Company Finances

Most of the industrialized world is optimistic about their financial position in 2013. Most companies around the world are saying they are in a better position than they were last year. How this translates to employment expansion is uncertain, but this growing optimism bodes well for the future.

Contract Work is Increasing

Due to the recession, employees are rethinking their reliance on companies for long-term stability. Couple that with the increase in technology sector jobs and the use of technology in the workplace; and the result is more job seekers are looking at remote and contract offerings for employment. Add the impacts of the Healthcare act to the equation, which will force employers to look at ways to increase productivity while shedding costs. All of these elements combine to make 2013 look like the perfect storm for the increase in short-term employment opportunities.

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