Today’s HR Platforms Need Customized Employee Onboarding Solutions

A woman in an office tries to figure out why she needs onboarding software.

Employee Onboarding Solutions Are Crucial for All-In-One HR Platforms 

Efficient employee onboarding is essential for fostering productivity and retaining top talent, which is why so many full HR platforms are beginning to incorporate them into their tech stacks. 

Keeping in line with what today’s HR tech users seek, all-in-one HR platforms that cover the full breadth of the HR cycle are rising in prominence. These platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to automate and optimize various HR functions, including onboarding.

In this post, we’ll explore how customizing HR platforms with employee onboarding solutions tailored to the industries said platforms serve can be a game changer for these platforms. White labeling these new employee onboarding solutions is the quickest, most cost-effective way to take advantage of the growing need for this tool. 

The Evolution of Employee Onboarding 

The perception and implementation of employee onboarding has evolved significantly in recent years. Previously, it was considered an administrative obligation organizations had to perform to get employees started at their new jobs. 

However, savvy organizations have realized that onboarding is vital to the HR cycle. Onboarding is the first impression new employees have of their new employers. It sets a tone for consistency, efficiency, and what they can expect from their new workplace. 

Meaningful onboarding helps strengthen employee productivity, engagement, and retention. As HR has moved from an administrative obligation to a necessary, strategic part of business success, employee onboarding is starting to get its due, and HR technology is reflecting this shift. 

Helping Businesses Attract and Retain High-Quality Employees is a Top Priority for Today's HR Platforms

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the top reasons today’s HR tech users invest in HR tech, with 70% saying specifically they want to improve the quality of the employees they hire and retain. Attracting and keeping candidates—as well as what today’s employees want out of their professional experiences—has changed dramatically in recent years, and organizations look to the tech they deploy and vendors who build that tech to help them adapt. 

The Savviest HR Tech Platforms Will Guide Their Users Toward Automated Onboarding 

Forward-thinking HR platforms will realize that guiding users towards streamlined employee onboarding solutions can set themselves apart from the competition. 

Regarding talent acquisition solutions, only 26% of organizations entirely automate onboarding, yet 88% of companies admit they’re not great at executing good onboarding experiences. Automating onboarding can help fix that, and organizations are taking note. As many as 42% of companies have no dedicated onboarding technology, but 50% want to increase their spending on onboarding tech. 

In addition to the benefits for end-users, employee onboarding solutions can help HR platforms generate new revenue streams, break into new markets, and position themselves as industry leaders. These help make HR platforms more competitive, and white labeling employee onboarding solutions can help these platforms do so quickly and efficiently. 

White Labeling Employee Onboarding Solutions Can Help HR Platforms Strike While the Iron is Hot 

White labeling a SaaS solution occurs when a vendor creates a solution and another partners with them to offer it as a proprietary property. This skips the time-consuming and expensive development process, allowing HR platforms to offer customers new solutions—like employee onboarding—when they’re in high demand. 

HiringThing offers full white-label recruiting solutions, including a white-label applicant tracking system and white-label employee onboarding solutions. If either (or both) of these can give you a competitive advantage, set up a meeting with one of our Partner Development Representatives today. 

About HiringThing 

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