The HR Tech Innovation No One is Talking About: White Label Applicant Tracking Systems

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White Label Applicant Tracking Systems Are HR Tech's Hidden Gem

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation is the driving force behind the evolution of HR technology. As organizations seek to streamline their recruitment processes and find top talent, various HR tech solutions have emerged, revolutionizing the industry. 

While you may have heard about AI-powered recruitment tools, video interviews, or analytics-driven insights, one innovation has been somewhat overlooked: white labeling an applicant tracking system—recruitment software built to streamline and strengthen the hiring process built by one company and presented as a proprietary solution by another. 

Let’s explore this hidden gem of HR tech innovation and how it’s changing the game. 

Why the Focus on Applicant Tracking Systems? 

In 2023, companies invested more in talent acquisition technology than ever before, with top priorities being improving hires' quality, speed, efficiency, and candidate experience. Applicant tracking systems have been proven to accomplish all those goals. 

Not only do companies want to bolster recruiting efforts, but many who already have applicant tracking systems are looking to change their vendors. Aptitude Research’s Talent Acquisition Buyer’s Guide found that 20% of ATS customers are looking to replace their current system, while 50% of ATS customers wish their platform had more functionality. It’s a ripe opportunity for HR tech vendors with robust hiring solutions or those savvy enough to jump on a white label  ATS partnership. 

What is a White Label Applicant Tracking System?

Before we delve into the nuances of this oft-overlooked solution, let’s clarify what a white label application tracking system (ATS) is. White labeling is when a tech application is built by one vendor—like HiringThing—purchased by another and presented as a proprietary solution. Companies white label applicant tracking systems to remain competitive and increase revenue, amongst other benefits. 

Private Labeling Goes a Step Beyond White Labeling

Private labeling is a type of white labeling we also offer here at HiringThing. While a white label ATS is branded as the purchaser’s proprietary solution, private labeling takes things further by customizing the new hiring solution to meet your business's unique needs via bespoke workflows, add-ons, and single-sign-on capabilities. We offer both choices to our partners but recommend private labeling since it gives your HR tech platform a competitive edge. 

The next section of this blog will explore the myriad benefits of white labeling an applicant tracking system for HR tech companies. 

The Benefits of a White Label ATS 

Increased Revenue 

Adding hiring solutions adds a new recurring revenue stream to your arsenal. Hiring is the top HR challenge facing companies across all industries. Businesses will pay good money for a good hiring solution. 

Using a white label applicant tracking system to strategically increase revenue is a crucial part of who we are at HiringThing. We’re passionate about using our trademarked Hiring Happiness® to help other businesses grow. That’s why we’ve created the custom report Private Label Applicant Tracking System: A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation. Download it today to learn about the financial benefits this underrated tool can give organizations.  

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Competitive Edge

In a competitive job market where top talent is scarce, presenting a professional, branded, and user-friendly ATS can set you apart from other HR tech platforms, especially since 74% of organizations felt their recruiting strategies were underperforming.

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Cost Efficiency

Building an in-house ATS is expensive. A white label ATS provides a cost-effective alternative. White labeling an ATS is just a fraction of what building an ATS from scratch would cost. Coupled with the saved time, this is a huge advantage. 

Check out The Cost of Building an MVP to see how much time and resources it takes to build an ATS from scratch. 

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Strengthened Brands 

White labeling allows you to rebrand an applicant tracking system as your own. You’ll have a new, in-demand proprietary hiring solution. You can also leverage the expertise of the white label vendor, allowing you to position your HR tech organization as leading recruiting thought leaders, strengthening your overall brand. 

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Rapid Deployment 

A substantial white label advantage is getting your new product or service to market faster. Instead of spending time developing an ATS from scratch, you can simply rebrand an existing product or service already developed. This gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to enter the market faster than your competitors.

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About HiringThing 

HiringThing is a modern recruiting and employee onboarding platform as a service that creates seamless talent experiences. Our white label solutions and open API enable technology and service providers to offer hiring and onboarding to their clients. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

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