White Label Onboarding Software Gives You a Competitive Advantage

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The World of HR Tech is More Competitive Than Ever 

The world of HR tech is growing faster and faster. There are more HR tech options than ever, and spending on HR tech is expected to increase to an average of $35 billion by 2028. 

Top investment priorities include, unsurprisingly, AI functionalities and seamless integration into existing HR tech workflows. Solutions organizations are investing in include payroll, learning and development, and employee engagement. However, the top place organizations are investing in is recruiting solutions. 

While recruiting solutions are often traditionally thought of as applicant tracking systems (ATS), software built to automate and optimize hiring (and statistically proven to net higher-quality hires faster), employee onboarding software is an often-overlooked functionality. It’s also one that positively impacts both recruiting and retention.

This blog will explain how impactful employee onboarding solutions are and how white labeling employee onboarding solutions can quickly give your HR tech organization a massive competitive advantage. 


How White Labeling Employee Onboarding Can Make Your HR Tech Organization More Competitive 

Employee Onboarding is Often Overlooked 

Helping to transform employee onboarding can help you provide value to your customers. Most HR tech customers aren’t impressed with the current employee onboarding situation. 

That’s probably because many organizations overlook it. 88% of companies admit they aren’t great at executing a solid onboarding experience, despite the fact that it can increase employee retention by 82%.

Well-deployed, meaningful HR tech can transform and shift HR in general. We firmly believe that investing in and prioritizing employee onboarding software can help shift this from “often-overlooked” to a critical, strategic part of every HR cycle. 

If you’re a human resource organization, HR tech platform—see also: human resource services or software company (HR tech isn’t just for HR anymore)—looking to offer HR solutions, white-labeling employee onboarding could give you a real competitive advantage by providing customers with a much-overlooked solution that could transform how they hire and do business. 

There Are Big Opportunities in the Employee Onboarding Solutions Market 

There’s a ripe market for employee onboarding. Research shows that 27% of HR professionals say technology is the missing ingredient in their onboarding programs, and 42% of organizations don’t have dedicated onboarding technology. 90% of companies use or would like to use their ATS for onboarding capabilities, and 70% think onboarding should be part of recruiting. 

Additionally, 50% of companies want to actively increase their investment in onboarding tech. In comparison, 68% of HR professionals plan on using onboarding tech in the future, which may come sooner rather than later since Deloitte found that in 2024, 90% of HR leaders plan to increase their technology spending. 

Adding an employee onboarding solution to your HR tech organization can help you generate new revenue streams, break into new markets, help position you as an industry pioneer, and provide a valuable resource your customers might not be super aware of before they realize they need it. All these things help make your platform more competitive, and white labeling can help you start offering this competitive advantage NOW while it’s still somewhat off the radar. 

The White Label Advantage 

White labeling your new employee onboarding solution and skipping the time-consuming and expensive development process allows you to offer your customers this game-changer now while it’s crucially needed.

HiringThing offers full white-label recruiting solutions, including a white-label applicant tracking system and white-label employee onboarding solutions. If either (or both) of these can give you a competitive advantage, set up a chat with one of our Partner Development Representatives today. 

About HIringThing 

HiringThing is a modern recruiting and employee onboarding platform as a service that creates seamless talent experiences. Our white label solutions and open API enable technology and service providers to offer hiring and onboarding to their clients. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

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