Recruiters - Reduce Your Hiring Anxiety with These Best Practices

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Many HR team members experience hiring anxiety: “What if I get it wrong?” How can you minimize turnover and find the best people without losing your mind? Anxiety is on the rise, and the workplace is one of the worst culprits for pushing people over the edge. In fact, 56 percent of Americans with anxiety experience it solely at work.

Fortunately, hiring anxiety can be a thing of the past if you deal with your worries, plan properly, and put effective systems into place. 

Four Ways to Put an End to Hiring Anxiety

Perfect the Interview Process

To get maximum returns from your time with candidates, streamline your interviews. Instead of simply conjuring up a list of questions, devise a strategy or objective for each interview. Formulating a great interview structure gives you an easy script to follow and leaves less room for nervous mistakes.

Panel interviews are a good way to make the hiring process more collaborative. If more people are present, the heat of handling it all yourself will be removed, and you will have more minds to give input, help you assess, and contribute to hiring decisions.

Create a Retention Strategy

HR managers can feel like failures when their hires don’t work out. Their judgment is often poorly reflected, and they must expend time and energy to repeat the process. Nip the likelihood of employee turnover in the bud at the first interview. Get VERY specific about the job. Map out a typical day and work with managers to plan deliverables expected in the first week, month, and six months. Make sure a recruit knows exactly what he or she is getting into — turnover happens when the advertised job does not match the reality of a position. 

Be Upfront About Salary From the Beginning

Be upfront about salary. You’ll save everyone’s time if you eliminate candidates who aren’t on the same page regarding pay.

Nail the Job Offer

Finally, nail the job offer so the right candidate is sure to accept. Making an offer can feel a bit like asking someone on a first date. You can’t be sure you’ll receive “Yes” for an answer, and you might have wasted your time trying to sound attractive. Crafting a rock-solid offer will give you the confidence to kick anxiety to the curb and land your ideal candidate.

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