Add Hiring Solutions Quick With a White Label Applicant Tracking System

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New Solutions—Especially Hiring Solutions—Are In Demand

B2B SaaS companies (including HR solutions) are expected to offer additional functionalities alongside their core competencies—more than 80% of today’s tech organizations are moving quickly on new development initiatives designed to make them more competitive—and with the current state of hiring, applicant tracking systems are a top add.

Hiring is a universal, evergreen business need. With the current challenging state of hiring, more organizations are looking to automate and strengthen their hiring with a state-of-the-art applicant tracking system (ATS)—hiring software built to optimize recruiting—and HR technology, vertical SaaS vendors, and other forward-thinking B2B companies are taking notice. Adding a white label ATS to an already successful company can help increase revenue, make it more competitive, and delight customers (whether that be directly or indirectly). White labeling helps vendors quickly and efficiently add hiring solutions to their product suite, reaping the benefits almost immediately. 

Private Labeling Your Applicant Tracking System Takes White Labeling to the Next Level

White labeling means you're leaving all the work of setting up your ATS to experts. Here at HiringThing, we could get new white labels up and working within days or weeks if that's what they're looking for..

The HiringThing Private Label ATS Experience

Private labeling an applicant tracking system goes one step further than a white label ATS. Private labeling falls under the white labeling umbrella. While white labeling applies a company’s branding to a vendor’s technology—in this case, an applicant tracking system—private labeling can customize the technology to suit a purchaser’s business needs. 

In the case of an ATS, bespoke workflows, add-ons, and functionalities can be customized to fit the needs of any organization that partners with the private label provider. A private label applicant tracking system gives purchasers the flexibility to either brand or customize and adjust priorities as they scale

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About HiringThing

HiringThing is a modern recruiting and employee onboarding platform as a service that creates seamless talent experiences. Our white label solutions and open API enable technology and service providers to offer hiring and onboarding to their clients. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.


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