That's a Wrap: A HiringThing Year in Review

A customer reads about HiringThing's 2023.

What a year it’s been! Time flies when you’re having fun, but it also flies by when you’ve been spreading Hiring Happiness® while helping partners grow their businesses! We can’t decide whether January 2022 feels like it was 2 weeks or 2 years ago, but either way, it’s easy to forget how much we’ve accomplished in just one year! And what better time than the holiday season to slow down, reflect on and share HiringThing’s 2022 successes?

Product Enhancements

As a company that’s first and foremost product-driven, our team is dedicated—nay, obsessed—with ensuring our users have the easiest, future-ready hiring tools at their fingertips (they don’t call us the Hiring Happiness® experts for nothing) and that at a private label level, our platform is intuitive, integrative, and seamlessly allows your teams to make it their own. 

We spent 2022 conducting research and gathering your feedback to consistently add to and adapt our product in meaningful ways. Some major product updates in 2022 include: 

  • Partner Marketplace: The Partner Marketplace enables self-serve connections to third-party integrations—including asynchronous video tools, pre-assessment testing, and WOTC services—enabling seamless hiring experiences. Some new partners integrated in 2022 include the Canvass video interviewing tool and Criteria Corp pre-employment assessments. 
  • In-App Tutorials: These guide users through key workflows to optimize the user experience.
  • New Job Board Partners: A sampling of the new job boards we’ve added include TechCrunch (for finding high-quality tech talent), SchoolSpring (for those seeking education professionals), Idealist (connecting with job applicants looking for altruistic careers), and Adzuna (helps zero in on the right candidate for the role).
  • Job Board Updates: Search and sort functionalities help you find your favorite job boards faster, while salary fields add an optional salary range to job postings and career pages (crucial for areas with new salary transparency laws and a best practice for all other forward-thinking organizations). 
  • New Workflow Features: Job applicants can now reschedule or cancel their interviews, hiring managers can insert their names into message templates, and scorecards allow hiring teams to capture candidate reviews for the criteria most important to them. 
  • API Updates: We’ve upgraded to the latest Indeed API integrations to pave the way for new features and enacted additional API updates to ensure that you can create the hiring platform that works best for your business model (we’ll help as little or much as you need). We’ve also significantly expanded our Developer Program, enabling more integration partners to build integrations with our platform. 

Over the past year, we’ve created content specifically around product updates if you’d like more in-depth context or education. Some include:

Editor’s Note: This is just a sampling of product updates from 2022. Our quarterly Partner Pulse newsletters and monthly customer newsletters update our partners and customers regularly on all updates on a more granular level. 

Partner Experience Updates

We don’t take our trademarked Partner Perfection™ lightly—it’s our job to ensure all HiringThing partners have all the tools and resources they need so that their ATS can successfully grow their business. Over the past year, we’ve:

  • Increased our Partner Success team by nearly 70%. 
  • HiringThing has started quarterly reviews with each of our private label partners in 2022. Previously there was just a single annual meeting. This has allowed us to work more closely with each partner on specific goals and initiatives. 
  • The brand-new Partner Portal is the home for partner resources, support, and information to share with sales and marketing teams. We have updated our resources to help partners increase sales and cultivate product stickiness. All collateral is ready to download, customizable with partner branding, and can easily be distributed through preferred channels

HiringThing Achievements

HiringThing Turns Ten!

95% of startups fail, 50% make it to the five-year mark, and only 40% become profitable, so celebrating a ten-year business birthday is a big deal. 

Ten years ago, HiringThing CEO and founder Joshua Siler founded HiringThing with two goals: 1) To create the hiring solution he wanted to use. 2) To create the kind of company where he’d like to work. It looks like he was on the money because HiringThing has beat the statistical odds and celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2022. 

Private Label Strategy

Despite Siler’s goals remaining the same, HiringThing has evolved over the years from a SaaS platform aimed at delivering Hiring Happiness® to customers to a private label PaaS powerhouse allowing our partners to grow their businesses through proprietary recruiting solutions. 

While the spirit and values of HiringThing have remained steadfast as we’ve grown—we still want to empower everyone, everywhere, to hire their dream teams—the company and world of work have changed significantly in the past ten years. We wanted to ensure our brand and website reflect where we are now. Check out our blog What is a Private Label Applicant Tracking System? To fully understand what sets HiringThing apart from competing white label applicant tracking systems. 

Awards Time!

We’ve racked up awards in 2022. HiringThing added the following to our virtual trophy case this year:

Thought Leadership From Our CEO

As mentioned above, our CEO and founder Joshua Siler has been a leading innovator in the recruiting tech space for the past ten years. Siler has a lot of insights into the world of recruiting, as well as running a successful tech company. In 2022, we decided to tap into his industry expertise to create content to help others recruit and successfully grow businesses. 

Siler became a regular contributor for Forbes, penning the following articles about ATS use:

The Return of the HiringThing In-Person Company Meeting!

HiringThing has been a fully remote company since our 2012 inception. We love the flexibility and autonomy that comes with remote work—working from the environment that makes us most successful, in the manner that makes us most productive, on a schedule that lets us balance solving hard problems with smart teammates while enjoying our lives. 

We’re adamant that it’s possible to create meaningful, dynamic relationships with virtual colleagues, but there’s something to be said about the collaborative sparks meeting in person can foster. 

Traditionally, HiringThing has held a yearly in-person summit so that the team can meet, collaborate, build connections, and see someplace fun—we’ve been to Portland, Albuquerque, Myrtle Beach, and Park City—but then the pandemic happened, and we put the summit on pause. 

This year, HiringThing’s in-person summit returned with an October team meeting in Las Vegas! The HiringThing team gathered for a week of collaborating, strategizing, trivia playing, scavenger hunting, team-building, dining, and of course, some Vegas shenanigans (perhaps some gambling, live Drag Race watching, and late nights took place…). 

Contrary to the adage, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas because the HiringThing team returned with strengthened bonds, new connections (many of our current team members were hired during or after the pandemic and so never met each other in person), inter-departmental collaborations, ideas, initiatives, and a heightened sense of excitement about our jobs and mission. 

This is a photo of the HiringThing team at our in-person summit in Las Vegas in October 2023.

We Can't Wait for 2023!

2022’s been a good year, and we’re excited to see what 2023 brings for HiringThing and our partners! We’d love to connect in the new year if it hasn't happened yet. 

If you’re in charge of hiring at your company and looking for a user-friendly, future-ready ATS, sign up for a free trial of HiringThing. 


If you’re looking to grow your business through a proprietary hiring solution of your own, set up a demo with one of our HiringThing experts, and let’s get the ball rolling—you could roll out your new solution in a matter of weeks. 


And finally, if the remote-work style of work we described in the above section about our team summit appeals to you, check out our HiringThing open positions. 


About HiringThing

HiringThing is a modern recruiting platform as a service that creates seamless hiring experiences. Our private label applicant tracking system and open API enable technology and service providers to embed hiring capabilities from sourcing to onboarding. Approachable and adaptable, the platform empowers anyone, anywhere, to hire their dream team.

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